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Welcome to Mochi, Goma and cospoo's café!

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Good evening! Welcome to our café!
Have a cup of coffee or tea and make yourself at home please.
This is a place for me to host my various hobbies and collections.


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Another new illustration!!!

Made something again! I drew the perspective in free hand... it's kinda rough, but I think the picture turned out quite charming!
We welcome everyone for fresh coffee and donuts!
It was quite a challenge, drawing such a scene with many characters. My respect for other artists has risen....
Sometimes I feel like like my pictures have a same-y color palate. I hope it's not a very bad thing.
It's that until recently I haven't used color so much when working digitally, so seeing my own preferences so clearly is quite new!

With AI art being such a big deal right now, I should probably be far more discouraged.
I guess it's because I'm not a professional?
My art is just my earnest feelings of "I want to create a cosy world for everyone" that I want to share with others.


New illustration!!!

I'm proud oK!! This piece showcases many of my favourite things... cats... stationary... mandarin citrus...
WIsh I had a kotatsu fr


It's not very exciting, but I've accepted my limitations and overhauled the site using a W3schools template...
It should like better on mobile now, at least.


Look at my new drawings hehe I made some new art I'm kinda proud of so that's why it's going on the front page!!!
Eventually I will move these to the gallery...
And make a better layout...

  1. The amount of BGs I have drawn can be counted on one hand...
  2. It's an ORIGINAL piece!! not fanart!!
  3. The cat is referenced from a photo from one of my fave internet cats, Maru (From MaruOre), but it's a digital painting... of which I haven't done awhole lot...!!


Updated the gallery with a series of drawings!!!


Ended up switching back to an 3 column layout anyways...
...It's kind of funny...I put a lot of effort trying to figure out how to get everything floating right but now I'm trying to figure out how to undo it LMAO

It's just a frame layout test LOL


Some text..