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September 28th 2022

Another sleepless night

Wake up only to find out it's barely 3AM in the morning yet.
Just a bit past midnight. Decide to do the dishes.
It's a good time for chores and tasks I can't get myself to do during the day.


*(Except maybe a bit of yoghurt before returning to bed?

Now's a good time as any to drink some loose leaf tea again. I think this is ‘Milky Oolong'? It's probably caffeinated (=bad). If I have the chance, I'll buy a loose leaf tea like Rooibos when I'm in Luik for the next 2.5 days.

This mug was a gift from an old coworker. It' s really well made. And huge! After breaking the arm I had to glue it back on but I'm glad it worked.

Thinking I might have to do some kinda kindness yoga before bed.
Thing didn't used to be like this. Having to mind my sleep hygiene and routine. No matter what, I could always trust myself to fall asleep until at least 6AM in the morning proper. Is this a part of getting older?... I did this to myself.

In love with this Hobonichi Makino Collection - Navy x Brown cover + TSWBI 580ALR Diamond in Navy FP (limited ed.) that I got the other the day intended for my EDC… but there so fancy I dare not take these out of the house out of fear of loss or damage.

I’ll have to stick with my regular Navy cover and Preppy.

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